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Weed Control Fabric


Fabric & Fabric Accessories Costs:

Fabric Installation: ($300.00 minimum) $0.75 per foot

Fabric Only: $0.35 per foot

Staples $ 0.20

Fabric Advantages

  • Install once for several years of weed control.

  • Promotes faster establishment of trees and shrubs.

  • Can increase the plant survival rate from 20% to 80%.

  • Comparable in cost to other weed control methods when averaged over a 3 to 5 year period.

  • Reduces the amount of salinity leaching to the soil surface by reducing evaporation.

  • Retains moisture for tree use in dry years.


It is very important to inspect your weed barrier ANNUALLY

  • Ensure that the edges are firmly anchored and covered.

  • Remove soil and organic matter from the surface of the fabric.

  • Remove weeds that may establish in tree openings or on accumulated debris.

  • Enlarge fabric openings around trees as they grow to prevent girdling (strangling) of your trees.

  • Other weed control alternatives should be considered if you are trying to establish suckering shrubs or a dense thicket.

weed control fabric in use
multiple uses of weed control methods such as fabric an tillage use
established weed barrier fabric in use
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