About The Conservation District 


The SCD is housed in the Bowman USDA Service Center with our partners, The Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Farm Service Agency.  We also operate out of our "tree shed" on the Bowman County Fair Grounds.  

The soil conservation district is responsible for carrying out a variety of programs for natural resource conservation within the district's boundaries.  The soil conservation district is supported by charges for some services and a portion of mill levy taxes.

The district offers a tree planning and planting service.  With this service we assist customers in selecting varieties of trees, planning layouts, and help with site preparation recommendations to aid in a successful tree planting.  We also offer a machine tree planting and weed barrier fabric installation service along with two no-till drills available for rental.

Conservation education and promotion is also a large part of our work. We work hard to provide educational opportunities in a variety of forms and venues to all ages, urban and rural, throughout our service area. We also sponsor two scholarships for Bowman & Slope county students every spring.  


The Bowman-Slope Soil Conservation District (SCD) is a sub-division of state government. We are managed by a five-member board of Supervisors.  Three members are elected by voting constituents and two are appointed. All board meetings are open to the public and take place at the Soil Conservation office located at:

111 2nd Ave. NW. Bowman, ND.

The current Bowman-Slope SCD Board Members are; Vern Brown of Marmarth,

Cory Blaser of Bowman, Jeff Brown of Scranton, Brett Hendrickson of Rhame, & 

Tony Pierce of Scranton

Bowman-Slope SCD Staff:                 

Camie Janikowski, SCD Manager 

Cassidy Fairbanks, SCD Technician                                       

2018 BSSCD Annual Report 

2019 BSSCD Annual Report



SCD  Boundary  Map

Next Scheduled SCD Board Meeting: November 4th, 2020 at 12:00 pm at The SCD Tree Shed located on the East Side of the Bowman County Fairgrounds.


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the Bowman-Slope SCD at 701-523-5531 Ext. 3 or by email at bsscd@ndsupernet.com