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Watershed Projects

The Bowman-Slope SCD’s current watershed project is the Little Missouri River Tributaries Project.  This project area includes the watersheds for Spring, Skull, Horse, Seven-mile and

Five-mile Creeks in Bowman County.


The goal of this project is to reduce and or control Non-Point Source pollutants from moving towards and reaching tributaries of the Little Missouri River. 

This is voluntary conservation program, for land owners and operators in these watersheds.  Cost-share assistance is available for Best Management Practices (BMP's) which are tools to improve soil health and infiltration rates to in turn infiltration rates and improve watershed health and water quality. 

The Bowman-Slope SCD is also working on the Bowman-Haley Watershed.This includes taking samples from the the Spring Creek, Alkali Creek, and the North Fork Grand River. Along with the tributaries being sampled, the Bowman-Haley Dam is also being sampled for the harmful Algae Bloom issue. 

 BMP's Include:

Grazing systems:

  • Fencing 

  • Water Development (Well, pipline, tank, solar pumping)

  • Cover crops 

Other Practices

  • Pasture/ Hay land seeding

  • Native Range land Seeding 

  • Portable Windbreak  for winter feeding management.  

  • Harden Water Crossings to Improve riparian/ creek area 

  • Manure/ Nutrient Management 

Little Missouri River Tributaries

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